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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

@azealiabanks Azealia Banks is an Angel

So I'm sure everyone has heard about all the havoc and controversy surrounding Azealia Banks and this Disney meme kid and Zayn Malik etc. I dislike the situation greatly and I think its completely unfair!..  To the untrained eye it may appear that this Azealia Banks person is  acting out (again) and fighting with yet another person but if you look closely with an open mind I guarantee you will PEEP THE SETUP here.  A few days ago Azealia innocently and playfully pointed out the TRUTH that Zayn Malik's video had a lot of similarity to hers! (don't believe see below)

This was done in jest out of friendliness then ZAYN was the one who changed the tone and made shady comments towards Azealia.  During the entire attack on Azealia even though Zayn was being mean and shady and the Disney kid joined in unnecessarily to drag and bully Azealia, Azealia continued to compliment Zayn and say that he was cute.

Azealia was completely on point with her response!! Why was Zayn being so rude???????  He def started the shade.  Then this Skai chick comes in sideways where she didnt belong and tells Azealia to simmer down >_> WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT?!??!?!?!!?Why did she do that?  Why was that neccessary and why did she feel like she was in order?!?!? I just don't get that Azealia wasn't even talking to her and Azealia hadn't done anything to warrant a simmer down comment this girl tagged in on Zayn's team and started bullying Azealia which is unfair and she was the agressor completely BUT shes a Disney face so she could never be the aggressive bully right??? ~.~Also Azealia points out that Zayn allegedly gave her cell phone number out to his fans so that they could also bully her = are these actions of someone who is kind and professional = NO they aren't he was bullying Azealia and so was Skai and so were their fans collectively.  This was completely uncalled for and they were both out of order for ganging up on her when she had made a plain non aggressive statement.  All these tactics and harassment but yet everyone is blaming Azealia -_-.  I'll tell you what!(Hank Hill Voice)* People have been inciting Azealia to riot since day one.  
People are constantly baiting her into arguments and then when she finally reacts to their nonsense ppl like to go "oh look here goes the black girl being angry again" and I think that is messed up.  No one ever states how Azealia gets into these situations people just like to see her as confrontational and she is not! 

Azealia is a sweet angel!! I CHALLENGE YOU to go youtube any of her interviews the interviewers always ask Azealia taunting questions that they don't ask other artists, they invite her on, they tell her negative things other people are saying about her - (no one does this with other artists) - then they pedal her response to THEIR questions as "look at Azealia lashing out and blowing up on people" and she wasn't! she just calmly answered what was presented before her and the whole thing was a setup to make her look like a trouble maker.  

This hasn't happened to Azealia just once or twice, do the research! and peep whats really happening to this girl.  Go to twitter and pull  up and read those fights she supposedly started and all her: "rants" and I BETCHU u will find that she wasn't ranting at all, you will see just like I did that she was only responding to other people bullying and dragging her!, and then the media only posts what she sed in response to rude things said to her initially -_-  

This is troubling because the  bullying has spread up to corporate, its not just individuals bullying Azealia, as we see her twitter account was suspended in minutes, there's plenty of  out of order and inappropriate things being said on twitter, why would Azealia's account get suspended so quickly?!?!?!  Also her being pulled from the show line wasn't fair either!  

She didn't get into this spat alone so she shouldn't be singled out for punishment, its unfair!  I love Azealia Banks and I hate to see people picking on her its not right.

I love what Azealia is doing with her music she's too DOPE and very smart I like how she is managing her money and working independent, I'm loving her website and all of her work.

She's giving a very unique perspective in her music, I get it! I LOVE HER!  SHE is a very SWEET and kind individual, I am proud of her for standing up for herself and not allowing anyone to shade her for no reason, plenty have tried it for what reason I dunno.

Keep keeping it real Azealia!  don't let them typecast you as "the angry one"

Love this song!!!!! LOVE YOU AZEALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dawn Richards @ Webster Hall NYC

It went down at Webster Hall NYC Jan 22 Dawn Richards sang and performed she was amazing !!! She is even prettier in person.   SHE IS SUCH A GREAT PERFORMER.  Dawn came out in all white with a Native American head piece and long gloves she just glowed!!!! You can feel and see that she loves what she does!
She performed all new songs which caused mixed reviews because some of us...shew all of us were dying to see her turn up with Automatic and Bombs...honestly I even wanted a snippet of Damaged! but HER NEW music flows !! I enjoyed the show.   VERY CHILL ARTSY CROWD.  Her show sparked a convo about how different she is, her music is very unique especially this new album, it's got a very eclectic Jazzy, neo soul, Badu, funky, electric, futuristic, vibe but she keeps to these native and African tribal themes/ COSTUMES it's almost like so futuristic she went back in time ...she is doing it ...There is no category!! LOVED THE SHOW!!

Miss Dawn Richards @ Webster Hall NYC

It went down at Webster Hall NYC Jan 22 Dawn Ric

Friday, October 24, 2014

Lmfaoooooo whyyyy?!?!?!

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